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Jet Ski Hits Drone In Mid-Air During Jump [VIDEO]
When you're flying your drone above jet skiers you wouldn't think this would be able to happen. When trying to get a little bit of air off of a wave, this jet skier got way more height than anyone thought. He couldn't hang on and the drone just happened to be right in his path. With t…
Jet Ski Pizza Is a Novelty on Michigan’s Long Lake
There is nothing worse than catching a beer buzz on the lake and then being forced to navigate the boat back to shore to pick up the pizza you just ordered from across the way. Not only can this drunken journey open a person up to incident and injury, but there is also a damn good chance you will be…
Crazy Jet Ski Accident Lands On The Beach [VIDEO]
Imagine yourself on vacation just trying to snap a memorable picture and then this happens. This poor girl just wanted a picture when an out of control jet ski made an appearance. Luckily she had enough time to jump out of the way before the accident. That jet ski got some air!