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Brady Hoke Speaks About Michigan Vs Michigan State Rivalry
The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State football is more intense than ever, especially when you consider the recent success of Sparty and the fact that the all-time record belongs to the Wolverines.  Brady Hoke is well aware of both facts and he recently spoke out about the rivalry.
Westboro Baptist Church To Protest At MSU Monday Morning
Looks like the Westboro Baptist Church is back at it again, this time at Michigan State University.  I rarely ever get into religious debates or arguments with people but I would love to have a conversation with these guys
.  I'm sure if they speak the way they do on their website as they do in perso…
65-Year-Old MSU Professor Poses Nude With Students
Remember art class in elementary school? You got to cut out some construction paper and glue it to another piece of paper and call it art. Danny Guthrie -- Michigan State University Art Professor -- decided to take his vision of art to a whole different level ... insert creeper joke here. Professor …
Michigan State Girls – Pure Michigan Parody
If you're from Michigan, we're sure you've seen the Pure Michigan parody commercials. From Michigan's pot holes to Michigan's snow days the guys at 'Not So Pure Michigan' always seem to hit the nail on the head with their commercial parodies...