Michigan Lawmakers Wants to Ban Drones Near Prisons
In an attempt to prevent Michigan prisoners from getting their hands on marijuana, one state lawmaker has submitted a bill aimed at banning drones from flying within proximity to Michigan’s state and private prisons.
Senator Darwin Booher’s proposal would make it illegal to fly “an unmanned vehicle o…
Want Legal Weed in 2016? MILegalize Needs Your Help
MILegalize, the group pushing to eliminate marijuana prohibition across the state in 2016, recently sent out a letter stating that while they are “in a position to win,” the group needs some “big time help right now” from the public to put the issue of legal weed on the ballo…
Michigan Officials Discover Gas Pump, Credit Card Scam
While it is not uncommon to feel as though you are being ripped off at a gas station, especially when the price of fuel soars to the neighborhood of $4 per gallon, motorists now have to be concerned about being robbed blind every time they swipe their card at the pump.
Help Michigan Legalize Marijuana in 2016
Michigan is on its ways to legalizing marijuana in 2016, but organizers still need your support to help raise enough campaign funds to bring prohibition to its knees.
Reports indicate that MILegalize has been challenged to match $100,000 in donations in the month of October...

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