Ballpark Vendor Discovered With Snow Cones In Bathroom Stall [VIDEO]
I'm still trying to figure out at what point does or did this sound like a good idea? A man working as a vendor selling snow cone at Minute Maid Park, where the Houston Astros play, was caught on video by a fan with his snowy treats on the floor inside a bathroom stall while he took a dump.
Home Run First of its Kind in 50 Years [VIDEO]
Ok, I know lead off home runs happen everyday in the MLB. Even fewer are the number of lead off lead off home runs that happen on the very first pitch of the game. This home run meets both the criteria. So, what makes it so special?
Bryce Harper Does Faceplant Off Right Field Wall [VIDEO]
Oooooooo...Yeah...that's gonna leave a mark. And from what sources say, it did, 11 stitches worth to be exact. Now for those of you who never knew why it's called the "Warning Track" I think your question has been answered. Also, one other thing to note is, the right fiel…

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