Woman Flashes Boobs On Live TV [VIDEO]
The thing about live TV is it's LIVE! From time to time during a live news shot we will see someone behind a reporter waving or doing something odd. What we really want to see is a woman flashing her boobs right? Good - because that is exactly what happens during an NBC news broadcast.
News Bloopers From March 2016 [VIDEO]
When reporters are live on the air, sometimes things go wrong. Check out this compilation of bloopers from last month. Some of them are just dumb and some are pretty awesome to watch. It's a good thing we here at The Banana work in radio, because we never make mistakes.
The Best News Bloopers Of 2014 [VIDEO]
You have to love live TV. During our time in radio we've run into problems like this before. We've all either sworn on the air or had someone else swear will one with us. We can handle it pretty quick with the use of our dump button. Being live on TV is a whole other story.
Congressman Threatens TV News Reporter [VIDEO]
Before I get to far into this story I have to say I would be pretty pist off about this too, but then what do you expect from someone in the media covering politics. So here's the story. A Reporter with Time Warner station NY1 asked Congressman Michael Grimm if he would answer a few questions a…
Thick Plastic Stretched Across Road in West Michigan [VIDEO]
What police suspect to be a prank was luckily caught by another driver before it hurt anyone who ventured down Lincoln Road in Kent county. I have to say I am disturbed and irritated that anyone would think that this is funny. I am all about a good joke or prank. But this doesn't fall unde…

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