News Reporter and Cameraman Attacked by Pit Bulls [VIDEO]
A Rhode Island woman has been charged with assault after she threw a rock, whipped out a baseball bat and had her pit bulls attack a reporter and cameraman. The dogs bit, scratched and pretty much scared the life out of reporter Abbey Niezgoda. Find out what led to this chaos here.
Bouncer Shot With an Arrow [Video]
As someone who has worked as a bouncer I can say I've seen a lot of craziness in my day. But an arrow? I'm suddenly reminded of a scene in Austin Powers where Random Task is questioned about his choice in weaponry as well. But, I guess anything is possible in Tennessee.
Dude Takes Tasering Like A Champ [VIDEO]
I'm not real sure what the entire premise behind this story is. However, on thing is for sure, this guy has just taken the title for baddest man alive. Watch him take 50,000 volts to the chest and not even blink. He does however have some choice words for the police officer.
Senator Says Caro Cupcake Controversy is ‘Outrageous’
The recent story of a 3rd grader from Caro who brought cupcakes to school for his birthday with little green army men on them has caught the attention of the Michigan Senator from that area, and he doesn't seem to think the school made the right decision.
The Best News Bloopers of 2012
Seeing videos like this make me think I still have hope for my career.  Now we all know that I am in no way made for TV but I'm not so sure some of these reporters are either.  The great part is that all the "crazy" people jumping in shots are a shock to the reports.…
Worst Live News Broadcast Ever [VIDEO]
As I always say about a live broadcast, the best and worst part is that you never really know what's going to happen.  This video shows the worst part about that, as a local news broadcast falls apart live on TV.

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