All Girl Band Attempts to Sing While Having Orgasms [VIDEO]
This is the most clever form of marketing I've ever seen in my life. This all girl Dutch band called ADAM posted a video of the three ladies attempting to sing while all are having orgasms. Needless to say they couldn't get through the song but they finished something else that they starte…
The Female Orgasm Law is Freaking Guys Out [VIDEO]
Guys at this town hall meeting are flipping out because there is a new law that makes it mandatory that if you have an orgasm with a woman then by law, you must give her an orgasm too. Watch the video to find out what happens if you don't obey this law.
Woman Has 100 Orgasms a Day
Having an orgasm should be like putting on deodorant, it needs to happen every day.  But even if you're the type of person who puts deodorant on 2 or 3 times a day, you've gotta admit hundreds of times per day is a lot.  Especially since we're really talking about orgasms, n…