RC Car Teaches Kid the Real Meaning of Pain [VIDEO]
I used to try to run my R.C. cars over everything when I was a kid. But I never thought about running it over or driving it into a person. Guess I just figured it wouldn't hurt that bad, so, whats the point? Well, now I wish I would have tried it, because apparently it does cause pain. Lots of …
Dude Gets Cup Checked At 2012 Masters
No matter what you're doing, protecting the family jewels should always be on your mind. You just never know when you might get blasted in the nards so you should always be ready to cover them. This dude was just watching golf, enjoying The Masters, when he got nut shotted. Protect them, guy…
Study Reveals Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men
Well, well, well isn't this interesting?  A Stanford University School of Medicine study reveals that females feel pain much stronger than males.  72,000 people participated in this study and the end result was women reported feeling about 20 percent more pain than men.
Does this mean women are not a…
Scooter Faceplant [VIDEO]
You would think after the first fail, this kid would have learned a lesson. Holy crap, the second landing looks so damn PAINFUL! This really does prove that kids are stupid.
Hey Kid…Nice Faceplant! [VIDEO]
I really hate watching people get hurt, especially a nasty faceplant on concrete. But, when you're truly asking for it, I can watch it over and over again. This had to hurt, bad.