Well, well, well isn't this interesting?  A Stanford University School of Medicine study reveals that females feel pain much stronger than males.  72,000 people participated in this study and the end result was women reported feeling about 20 percent more pain than men.

Does this mean women are not as tough as men?  Giving birth seems much more painful to me than getting kicked in the junk.  But, I have not delivered a child and I don't have nuts so I could be wrong. Am I?

According to the New York Daily News, scientists are studying whether or not this proves that women actually feel more than men, or whether they're simply more willing to report feeling pain.

It seems kind of confusing to me, nonetheless if you are a male and your significant other complains of a headache, or seems to be in major pain after a small fall, remember her pain is much different than yours.  That being said, girls if your male is not being supportive, feel free to kick him where it counts, apparently it does not hurt him that much after all.  Just kidding!