Russian Women Looking for American Men Dating Video Compilation
Let's be real, American chicks get old.  Since they have been living in America for their entire lives, women think they are entitled to the finer things in life, like a new car, the Iphone 5 and a husband who is good looking, helpful and attentive in bed.  Russian women have none of …
Worst Female Driver Ever
A lot of people seem to think women are terrible drivers. After watching this video, you'll probably agree with them.  Watch this woman get dominated by a left turn.
What Not To Say To Women
No matter how smooth you think you are with the ladies, something dumb will always comes out of your mouth. This YouTuber throws everything you should never say to women into one funny video. Guys, when she says "does this make me look fat?"...Always say no. This question has haunt…
The Opposite Of Your Normal Bar Night
When you go out to the bars, things are usually pretty predictable.  You almost always know what you're getting yourself into and there are rarely any surprises.  This video takes that standard bar night and flips it upside down.
Study Reveals Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men
Well, well, well isn't this interesting?  A Stanford University School of Medicine study reveals that females feel pain much stronger than males.  72,000 people participated in this study and the end result was women reported feeling about 20 percent more pain than men.
Does this mean women are not a…
Arizona Woman Tries To Become The Fattest Woman Ever
Arizona mother, Susanne Eman, is the reason why America will always be the greatest country in the world. We're number one at everything, especially fat women. Check out her journey to 1,600 pounds and the title of "Fattest Woman Ever".

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