Dog Takes A Piss While Doing A Hand Stand
Thanks to the internet, I'm becoming more of a pet guy.  I still think they stink and are pits of money and germs, but when they are on youtube, I don't have to worry about any of that crap.  Check out this dog pull a pretty impressive pee.
Dog Trained To Show Junk
Pets are kind of stupid, and pet tricks are really stupid. That is unless you train your dog to flash his junk on command, cuz that's pretty hilarious.
Dude Goes Flying With His Hawk
I think pets kinda suck.  Talking your dog for a walk seems like more of a hassle than it's worth.  But taking your pet hawk for a fly seems like much more fun.  Check out what some rich dude does with his money.
Dog Gets Beer Out Of The Fridge
I do not like pets. They stink, they're filthy, and they serve no purpose. That is unless you have a dog that gets you a beer. Cuz that's just effin awesome. Watch the coolest dog in the world do just that.
Standing Cat [VIDEO]
I don't want you thinking I'm a "Pet Guy". I'm actually grossed out by the idea of living with animals.  But even I'm impressed with this cat.
Star Wars Toys Make Great Pets [VIDEO]
If you like me and a big Star Wars geek (go figure, the web guy a geek,) then you wish might wish that you could have an At-At as a pet like in this video. Don't miss Jaba the Poo @ 0:42!