Pole Dancing

Underwater Pole Dancing Is Causing A Big Splash [VIDEO]
What will they think of next? I can barely keep a float in water, let alone pole dance. I took a pole dance class for exercise years ago. It was so tough. The only move I could do was 'The Fireman' and it did not even involve the pole, it was me crawling on all fours! High fives to these g…
TV Host Has Major Pole Dancing Fail [VIDEO]
Not all females are cut out for pole dancing. I took a pole dancing class once. It was incredibly difficult. The only move I could do was 'the fireman' and it did not even involve the pole! Watch as a French TV host attempts to work the pole and completely (and painfully) fails. Leave it t…
Man Plays Clarinet While Pole Dancing [VIDEO]
This is perhaps one of the silliest videos I've ever seen.  I don't know what would make a grown ass man think that the world needed to see him on a pole with a clarinet, but this dude went there.  Just for all of us.  Try not to get too HORNy watching this video.  (I c…
One Armed Pole Dancer Wins Championship
Let me tell you, I attempted a pole dancing class once and it was tough, even with two arms!
An Australian dancer recently won the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong.  Deborah Roach apparently became interested in trying pole dancing after watching a circus act.
Dude Attemps To Pole Dance And Fails Miserably
I'm pretty sure that everyone has done it.  You see a light pole and think it'll be hilarious to spin around it like a 23 year old mother of three with rent due. Watch this dude bust out his best moves and end up eating the ground.
Two Brazilian Girls Battle on Stripper Pole
Dance battles are pretty stupid.  Acting like your fighting using dance moves is probably the lamest thing you could possibly do.  The only way to justify having a dance off is if it's a pole dance off.  Cuz I'll bust out the singles for that.
Pole Dancing Air Walk
Being a stripper isn't an easy job.  You've gotta find someone to watch your kids, get old dude boners rubbed all over you, and pull of some athletic moves on the pole.  This hot ass chick takes pole moves to an impressive new level.

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