Pole Dancing

Large Woman Pole Dancing Just for You
This video is for all the guys that bitch about the videos that I put up featuring super hot chicks. I know it sounds crazy but some guys do complain about them. They always say "The women you post are too skinny". Ok fellas, this one is for you! Now stop your whining, I finally po…
Pole Dancing Champ Live TV Fail [VIDEO]
Pole dancing won't stop trying to get into the mainstream.  When American Pole Dancing champ, Natasha Wang went on TV they expected her to represent the "sport" as dignified and physically demanding. She fell instead.
Harry Potter Pole Dance [VIDEO]
I've never seen a Harry Potter movie, but I'm not judging you if you're a fan.  Unless you're a grown man, then I'm totally judging you for being a Harry Potter fan.  Unless you're a nine year old, the only Harry Potter you should be watching involves a pole a…