Son Poops on Dad Right After His Bath [VIDEO]
Don't worry this video won't make you throw up or anything. This is just one of those things that happens to parents on their journey through parenthood. I just love how this little dude giggles every time he poops, I do the same thing, it's just not as cute.
Woman Craps in Her Hand Outside of Nightclub [VIDEO]
Honestly, I can't make this kind of crap up. A woman standing outside of a nightclub decided that pooping in her hand was the best way to handle her number 2 situation. Are you effing kidding me? This will make you think twice about shaking hands with someone you don't know.
Man Craps Himself In Pool
Pool parties are a lot of fun.  Everyone is doing cannonballs, eating hot dogs, playing Marco Polo, it's basically a blast.  That is until somebody craps in the pool, which is totally what happens in this video.
Dog Craps In Middle Of Competition
In general dog shows are pretty stupid, but I don't mind the part when they are running through stuff and jumping into pools.  This mutt was in the middle of one of those obstacle courses when nature called, and when you gotta go, you gotta go.
Birds Poops in Reporter’s Mouth
Talk about perfect timing! During this reporter's story about local bird infestation, a local bird takes a nice big crap on his shoulder. It doesn't end there though, as this dummy looks up it happens again only this time the bird poops right in his mouth...
Butt Sniffer [VIDEO]
Is this chick really digging in her ass crack, and then smelling her fingers? I thinks the answer is, yes. Well, maybe she's just digging for a chocolate bar.