Iron Stomach Competitor Falls in Puke Covered Tarp [VIDEO]
First off let me start by saying this looks like an awesome event to be at, not participate in but be at. Watch as this Iron Stomach competitor stands up and puke/spits, then tries to walk away like a tough guy but ends up slipping and falling onto a puke covered tarp. The reactions are priceless.
Snake Pukes Up an Entire Cow [VIDEO]
For some reason this snake can't keep his dinner down, probably because it ate an entire freaking cow. I'm not a fan of watching anyone puke but it's really hard to look away when it's a big ol' cow.
Speed-Drinker Pukes On Filming Friend
I'm not a "chugging" drinker at all, so I probably would have ended up like this dude.  Watch him try to finish a speed drinking challenge, only to end up barfing all over his buddy.
Girl Pukes On Stage During School Play
Check out this video a little girl puking on stage during what appears to be a school play. The strange thing is the girl does not appear to be nervous or sick for that matter.  The young puker is speaking what I think is Spanish, so I am not sure what she is saying but during her speech and or…
Mom Pukes on Carnival Ride
This is one woman that I truly feel sorry for, only because I've gone down this road many times myself. Motion sickness is just an absolute horrible feeling and can tell by the look on her face. The one thing that makes it even worse is when someone you love is right there with you pointing and laug…
Girl Pukes on Roller Coaster [VIDEO]
Summer is almost here, time to eat a cheeseburger with chili fries and climb on a roller coaster.
Over the weekend I was planning a family trip to Cedar Point, which is always a good time. Let's just hope we don't end up sitting next to a girl in this condition. She didn't just throw up a little bit,…

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