Is Sex With Robots the Key to Living Longer?
As guys, we’re pretty much open to any sort of sexual experience out there, except like, dolphin humping. That's weird. So, when we heard there’s some research going on about sex with robots, we lost a little of our faith in the human race, but were also sli…
Coolest Robots from 2012 Robotics Expo
If you're anything like me, you accept the fact that one day, robots will be our overlords.  This video is just another step along that journey of world domination.  Check out the best of the best from the 2012 Robotics Expo.
Robot Riding A Bicycle
It's just a matter of time now.  the robot uprising is coming.  If you buy into the Terminator theory of Robot Revolution(which I do), Skynet has already been self aware for almost 15 years.  Now the robots are riding bikes.  Things are getting serious people.

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