Man Opens Beer With A Shotgun [VIDEO]
Obviously I do not recommend that you attempt this stunt. I have no idea who this guy is or why he is doing this, other than the fact that he can. Again, DO NOT TRY THIS, BUT if you do, send me the video of you attempting it. But really, don't do it!
NFL Bans Daniel Defense Commercial From the Super Bowl [VIDEO]
As we know, the NFL's biggest game of the year is watched not only for the two teams battling it out for the Vince Lombardi trophy, but for the awesome commercials too. Well, it appears there's one commercial people won't be talking about the day after the Super Bowl...
Turn a Drill into A Shot Gun [VIDEO]
The same guy who showed you how to make an Oreo slingshot shows you how to turn a cordless drill into a shotgun. Well, maybe not a shotgun, more like a nautilus wooden wheel firing giant ball bearings ridiculously fast. Either way it's still cool.
Home Owner Catches Thief In The Act, Pulls Shotgun
Well done good sir!  This guy is now the hero of the neighborhood, even though the thief was an idiot and was trying to walk out with a TV in broad daylight. Whether you are for or against all these new gun laws, there is no denying that this guy was a perfect example of our Second Amendment ri…