Brazilian Men Find Gigantic River Anaconda [VIDEO]
I saw this anaconda video circulating last week on Facebook and felt the need to share as well. Normally it would be extremely unsafe to mess with an anaconda of this magnitude but luckily for them, it looks as if this big boy already had a large meal.
Giant Python Learns to Open Door [VIDEO]
Many people have trouble teaching their kids to tie their own shoes, so just imagine training a python. I have heard that 'no one puts baby in a corner' and now I know 'no one can keep this snake in the closet'.
Python Wrangling Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Y'know, its situations like this that cause people to end up like Steve Irwin, if you know what I mean. So why you'd want to get into this line of work is still beyond me. Watch as this guy almost loses a few appendages and find out what beverage snakes don't like.
Python Bites Baby in Crib
A one-year-old Indiana baby is recovering after being bit by a python.  The snake escaped from another apartment nearby, slithered on into the baby's crib, wrapped itself around the kids leg and bit him!
Parents Let Baby Wrestle Cobra
This is a classic video that surfaced years ago featuring a baby that is basically having a stare off with a cobra. I have a huge fear of snakes, regardless if it's fangs were removed or not...this is F*#ked up. Some cultures really baffle me sometimes.
Man Puts Live Snakes Through His Nose
In my day, I've put some things up my nose that I probably shouldn't have.  Fingers, a raisin, and one time I snorted a whole bunch of "make your wiener bigger" pills.  None of those are a good idea, but snakes is an even worse idea.  Check out this crazy a…