Strippers And Plastic Patio Furniture Don’t Mix [VIDEO]
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this would happen. At some outback bachelor party, this dude was getting a lap dance on the patio. As this dancer was trying to be sexy, she underestimated the durability of the plastic chair. As she jumped on this guy the chair gave out and they …
Best Stripper and Pole Dance FAILS Ever! [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a good fall? Ladies and gentleman prepare to crack up at this compilation of stripper and pole dance FAILS! From professionals to the at home hotties, pole dance classes and street strippers - this video has all of that and more! Enjoy!
College Girl Making $180,000 A Year Stripping [VIDEO]
The only thing I have in common with this girl is a name. Maggie is a University of Maryland college student. Maggie is a double major in Spanish and political science. What is even more impressive, is she is also debt free. How? She is banking $180,000 a year stripping her way through college!
Michigan Stripper-Teacher Suing School District for Termination
There were plenty of teachers that I wanted to see naked in high school, hell, I even would have thrown some singles their way.  But most teachers aren't strippers, unless you're Susan Brennan, mother of three and dancer of laps.  Find out why she's suing the school district…
Stripper Falls Hard on Her Face [VIDEO]
From what I understand, this is an "amateur" pole dancer that just couldn't pull off this very popular stripper move. This chick's pride, confidence and face are all shattered in this 14 second video.