The Veer Union

Deuce Vs. The Veer Union – Cockfight
The Veer Union attempt to get their 10th and final win tonight against former Hollywood Undead frontman Deuce. Two new songs battle for a spot in rotation and your votes decide the winner -- it's The Cockfight!
Chevelle Vs. The Veer Union – Cockfight
Chevelle is back with their explosive new single 'Hats Off to the Bull,' does it have enough force to knock out current Cockfight champs The Veer Union? That's your call -- listen to the tracks and vote for which one you like best now....
Nickelback Vs. The Veer Union – Cockfight
The Veer Union are fighting hard to prove their in it until the 'Bitter End' but may have some tough competition as fellow Canadians Nickelback declare 'This Means War.' Jump in and vote for your favorite -- the Canuck Cockfight is on!...

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