Barefoot, Shirtless Neighbor Stops Package Thief [VIDEO]
Seeing as how it is Christmas, here is a feel good story for you. Watch as this neighbor sees someone trying to steal a package off the neighbors porch. He springs into action to stop him. He didn't even bother putting on shoes or a shirt to stop this guy in the snow. Christmas has been saved.
Good Samaritan Stops Segway Theft [VIDEO]
It's good to keep seeing people standing up for others. This guy was just minding his own business when he saw a segway theft. Instead of doing nothing, he was able to trip the crook and catch up to keep him from getting away. Side note, I really want to try one of those segway boards.
Drunk Thief Gets Busted In Store [VIDEO]
Time to drain a little more faith out of humanity. Not only was this guy stealing liquor, he was so drunk, he didn't realize the whole store was watching him. After that, he took a spill to the floor and then broke the bottle.