This Woman May Just Have Tweeted The Dumbest Thing Ever [PICS]
I've seen lots of people say stupid stuff on Twitter and Facebook, including; but not limited to, politicians, actors, musicians, all the way down to just regular everyday people. But this has to be one of, if not the dumbest thing I've ever seen a senior executive say via their social med…
Best Tweets About Detroit Filing for Bankruptcy
After years of financial struggles, the City of Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. We won't bore you with all the logistical details, but we will highlight the best tweets on the subject - check them out here.
Hockey Hilarity Ensues From Reddit Rink Post
If you're a fan of hockey I think you'll like this. As most fans know (and just like the rest of the sports world) we all have routines or favorite zones of the field, court or ice. You know, that one spot where you know if you can get there it's guaranteed points on the boa…

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