Kid Gets Hit by a Car While ‘Doing it For the Vine’ [VIDEO]
Ever since its introduction to the world Vine has been ruling peoples lives (and their judgment) as they "do it for the vine". Well this guy learned the hard way when he got hit by a car and ended up in the back of an ambulance chiming a new message for the people on Vine...
YouTube Goes Analog With VHS Mode [VIDEO]
YouTube unveiled a new feature to help celebrate the 57th anniversary of the first VHS recorder. This is weird cause I was watching VHS videos yesterday (Nostalgia trip), so I kinda feel like I've started a trend, kinda, but not really.
Dirt Bike Double Flip, Or Should I Say Fail![VIDEO]
Check out this poor schlep as he attempts pull off a double back-flip on his mini bike. A test run of the ramp and all is well. Or so he thought. This is one reason I think all riders should be thankful for helmets.
13 UFOs Flying Away From The Moon [VIDEO]
This is a video from September 15th that shows 13 UFOs leaving from what some believe is a secret moonbase. There are actually a lot of videos out there that are very similar to this. Are you a believer?
If You Only Watch One Video In 2010
2010 was pretty awesome when it comes to pointless videos.  I think it's fair to say I spent more time on youtube than the average American, so I recognized at probably 85 percent of these videos.  Don't watch this video if you are a baby or easily offended.

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