YouTube unveiled a new feature to help celebrate the 57th anniversary of the first VHS recorder. This is weird, cause I was watching VHS videos yesterday (Nostalgia trip), so I kinda feel like I've started a trend, kinda, but not really. Also, its really hard for me to come to grips that VHS is that old. YouTube released a statement about how select videos will have the VHS option. In that statement they said that the VHS option is not going to be a permanent thing. Although, their are tons of people who want them to keep it as an option permanently for all videos. To know if the video you're watching has this option just look for the VHS Tape icon in the videos tool bar. And for those of you who want to show this to your friends, the VHS mode is only available on YouTube's page and will not be in the embed codes.


Here's a list of videos I found that have VHS Mode available on them. Also, some may start in VHS mode automatically, some you may have to click the icon to enable/disable the feature.

Do the Cosmoauty (This Video Is actually better in VHS mode)

And one for the Kids Ratatoulllie