Romeo, Michigan Teen Is A YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]
A lot of people on Facebook and Instagram think they are models. Posing in front of your cell phone does not make one a model. When it comes to being a YouTube star - the proof is in the views. One Romeo,Michigan girl, Katie Betzing, has the 'clicks' to back up her YouTube stardom.
Andrea Love’s Real Rock Review [VIDEO]
I am a video nerd in my off time, and I have been working on developing a show for YouTube.  It's a rock review show, that gives a basic rundown of what's going on in the rock world.  I've wanted to do this for a long time, and finally took the first stab at it.
Dude Destroys a Traffic Light with a Huge Icicle [VIDEO]
With all the preemptive wintry weather we've had and all that is still on the way. Here's a video to remind you how dangerous icicles can be. Check out this guy in Russia who's job it is to knock them off the side of a building. As he chips away at one, a huge chunk of ice falls of an…

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