Skin A Watermelon Party Trick [VIDEO]
I believe there is a phrase about there being many ways to skin a cat, but did you know you can skin a watermelon too? I don't know exactly how many ways there are to skin one, other than this cool trick. Try it over the holiday weekend and impress all of your drunk friends!
Alcohol + Machete + Watermelon — Guess What Happens
What do you get when you mix alcohol, a machete, and a watermelon?  That's right, a trip to the hospital.  Apparently, it's a lot tougher to be a ninja when you've been drinking.  This guy makes a simple attempt to slice a watermelon in half and BOOM, instant gusher.&nb…
Woman Breaks Watermelon With Her Boobs
What the hell did I just watch? This is what you ask yourself after you watch this. I had to watch this a few times to see if she was actually using her boobs to break a watermelon. I thought maybe she had something in her shirt that was be used to smash but it looks like her boobs did the damage. W…
Minigun Vs Watermelon
It's surprisingly interesting to watch a watermelon get blown back by a minigun.  Check out the tasty carnage.