Camera Catches Car Falling Off Of Overpass [VIDEO]
I am someone who hates driving when the roads are snow covered. I stay in if I can, but I cannot exactly work from home, so if I cannot get a ride in, I drive. Never do I take the expressways if the roads are snow covered or icy. Watching this video is precisely the reason why I don't.
Dude Destroys a Traffic Light with a Huge Icicle [VIDEO]
With all the preemptive wintry weather we've had and all that is still on the way. Here's a video to remind you how dangerous icicles can be. Check out this guy in Russia who's job it is to knock them off the side of a building. As he chips away at one, a huge chunk of ice falls of an…
Short Winter – Flint Meme
Any Michigander knows that the winters can get pretty harsh here in Flint. Despite the frigid conditions ahead, we know a certain side of town won't let that hinder their right to be "fashionable."
Tow Truck Accident
With such a mild winter this year, most people probably forgot about how bad driving in the snow sucks.  Watch this tow truck disaster.
Hockey Rink Roof Collapses
Living in Michigan, we know a thing or two about snow.  And in a blizzard situation, the white stuff adds up pretty quick.    Somewhere over in Europe. a nasty snow storm hit and brought the roof down on an open hockey rink.
Best Sledding Hills in the Flint Area
With winter fast approaching, it's about time to start thinking about fun activities to do during the long winter days. One great thing to do around Flint during the winter -- besides sliding on snowy roads -- is to get sledding. Here are a five great local spots to take your family sledding...
Worst Winter Driving Ever [VIDEO]
Well, the end of the world is here.  Or at least that what it seems, because people are freaking out about this blizzard.  My advice is you keep your ass at home, but if you do go out, don't be like these idiots.

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