16-Year-Old Lands First Ever 1080 At X Games
16-year-old Mitchie Brusco made history in the X Games Big Air Competition by landing the first ever 1080.  Even Tony Hawk jumped back in his seat when this kid took on the big ramp at the games.  Not only did he land it, he made it look easy.  Check it all out here.
Shaun White Gets First Perfect Score In X Games History
Shaun White is just a monster when it comes to snowboarding.  He consistently sets records, owns competitions and has made multiple trips to the olympics.  He has also had a sponsor since he was seven years old.  He is definitely king of the snowboard.  Check out his perfect run …
Snowmobile Front Flip Landed In X-Games
The Winter X-Games are here, so that means we get to watch videos of people practically killing themselves in the snow.  Check out this video of a snowmobile landing a wicked front flip.
Colton Moore X Games Snowmobile Crash
Watching the X Games is always exciting -- the stunts these cats do are simply amazing; as well as 110% pure balls. During the Snowmobile Freestyle competition, Colton Moore went for a 'Holy Grab' and missed the seat by a few centimeters to pull it off -- check out the video of Moore flyin…
X Games Women’s Endurocross Is Hilarious
I would love to shake the hand of the man who decided to combine two things women are notoriously bad at: driving and sports. Somebody at work showed me this video the other day and I laughed so hard I started crying. Check out these "highlights" from the women's endurocross a…
X Games: Torstein Horgmo Big Air Triple Cork [VIDEO]
I've become a huge fan of the X Games recently.  I don't know the name of half the tricks they do, hell I'm happy to get down the hill alive, but this is impressive!  I love the fact that he almost takes out a fan with his goggles after the run.  You don't see this…
X-Games Official Vs. Snow Mobile [VIDEO]
Even though I'm not an Extreme Sports guy, I do love watching the X-Games.  I wouldn't call what they do a sport, but it's a fantatstic athletic feat, and some of the things they do are just insane.  This video isn't a gold medal performance, but it kicks ass.