Speaking about their upcoming album, The Black Keys jokingly compare their new album 'El Camino' to the mid 90's one-hit wonder rap group Quad City DJ's.

The Black Keys recently spoke with Gigwise about their upcoming album 'El Camino.' Drummer Patrick Carney started by explaining what fans can expect the new material to sound like:

"I think you have to hear it for yourself. I think it's different but a little bit of the same -- It sounds like us is what I mean...and by us I mean Quad City DJ's. [Laughs while frontman Dan Auerbach sings portion of Quad City DJ's song 'C'Mon N' Ride It (The Train)'] Actually that does kind of sound like some of the songs."

During the not at all serious interview the Akron, Ohio duo explained the failed joke behind putting a vehicle that wasn't an El Camino on the album's cover, who they want to play them in a movie, and answered questions as Chris Martin of Coldplay. When asked if there were any "diva moments" during the recording of 'Blackroc' -- a 2009 album where the band recorded with several hip hop artists -- the pair revealed that the only dramatic moments were supplied by them -- check out the video for the hilarious details.