The trouble with writing a definitive rock anthem is that you have to listen to hundreds of talentless mouth-breathers drag it through the mud. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Paul Anka have ruined the Nirvana classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' at least the latest offenders have the decency to hide behind puppets.

The latest atrocity committed against 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' takes place on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie reboot of 'The Muppets.' This acapella Muppet version of the song cuts out so many of the lyrics it's almost not even worth paying the royalties to cover it. It's rumored that Dave Grohl makes a cameo in the film, we wonder if he had to give his blessing for this to take place.

The Muppets also tackle the Cee-Lo song 'Forget You' -- originally titled 'F--- You' -- on the soundtrack, which has us asking why they are covering blatantly not kid-friendly songs for a kid's movie? "Load up on guns, bring your friends" being the opening lyric should be the first sign that you don't want your toddler singing along. Hopefully the Nirvana estate gets some money out of this so Courtney Love can buy Kurt's mom a new front door or bathtub or whatever she was bitching about in Brazil.

The Muppets - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'