After a 5 week hiatus the Playstation Network is back up and running, hopefully they have all the security problems worked out. The people at Sony also plan on hooking it up with some free stuff for all the trouble they caused us Playstation Network users.

Sony let a lot of people down when their network was hacked and the credit card information of it's 24.6 million users were up for grabs. You would think they would have had an impenetrable system protecting your info, they certainly make enough money to have state of the art network security. I can't speak for everyone, but my bank account didn't have any dough come up missing... Sony is damn lucky too! I would've bitch-slapped that Kevin Butler dude so hard that Crash Bandicoot would've felt it!

Now that the network is back up, Sony is offering a month of Playstation Plus (regularly $6/mo.) to it's users for free. They also said that there would be some other premium content (probably a downloadable game) available for free as well. I know they don't have to give us anything technically, but they could've dug a little deeper than that. Playstation Plus isn't all that much different than the free version, you can get a couple extra demos and games for free and that's it. I'm just glad I can finally get my ass kicked in Mortal Kombat by 12 year old kids in Japan.

If you want you can watch this dude nerd-ily explaining all the stuff I just told you.