Another weekend in the books, another 48 hours of me laying on the couch, in my underwear, watching sports, drunk. Check out what's happening in the world of sports.

NHL: 2012 Playoffs First Round


Things have gotten underway in the second season, and so far, it's been a pretty good start. Seems like a lot of bad blood, hard hits, and cheap shots.   It's hockey, so you expect some goon-ish play, but things have been exceptionally rough.  It all seemed to start on night one, when Nashville Predator Shea Weber cheapshotted the hell out of Detroit's Henrik Zetterburg.  Weber was only fined $2,500 and received no suspension.  Since then, there have been a ton of fights, filled with elbows and sucker punches.  The NHL recently retired a considerable amount of veteran referees and maybe the fact there are so many first-playoff zebras on the ice has something to do with the games getting out of hand.


The Wings, down 2-1 in the series, square off again on Tuesday at the Joe.  Other notable games coming up are 2 elimination games, with the Flyers up 3-0 over the Penguins, and what maybe the upset of the year, as #1 Vancouver plays for their playoff lives, down 3-0 to the #8 Kings.

Also, big ups to Tim Thomas for donating to a local church.  I hate everything Boston, but I tip my hat to Timmy T.



MLB: Jackie Robinson Day 2012


For the fourth year in a row, every player in MLB rocked the number 42 on Sunday, to tribute Jackie Robinson.  Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson, was the first African-American player in Major League Baseball History.  Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and went to lead the team to numerous world series and individual awards.  Robinson faced brutal racism, and his bravery and leadership helped end the segregation that was so common place in America.  Robinson helped bridge the gap for all minorities, not just African Americans.  In the 1940's, there was still a racism Irish and Italians, as well as African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans. His number 42 was retired across all of MLB in 1997.


I really love the Jackie Robinson story, because I really do believe that sports is the greatest equalizer.  When you're on a team, it doesn't matter what color your teammate is.  What matters is what he does.  Even cheering for minority pro athletes has helped improve race relations.



NFL: Kicked-out Fans Must Pass $75 Dollar Test To Come Back


Photo By: Leon Halip/ Getty Images Sports

Unruly behavior used to be a part of going to a NFL game, but the league is trying to put a stop to that.  Any fan that gets kicked out for unruly behavior will have to pay $75 to take a 4 hour online course, and pass a code of conduct test before they are allowed to come back.  Met Life Stadium has had the policy in place since 2010 and the entire NFL will adopt the policy this coming season.  Ejected fans that do not take the course will be placed on an "unforgiven" list, which includes names, photos, and other information of every fan that is ejected.



NBA: Playoff And Draft Look Ahead


The Pistons are struggling, and that's saying something, considering that I want them to lose.  Most mock drafts have them drafting around 8th, which is okay in this deep draft, but if they'd just try a little harder at losing, they could be in the top 5.  Harrison Barnes from North Carolina could still be around at that point, and he could be a great addition to the Pistons.  A few years with Tayshaun Prince and playing with other young up and comers, in Knight and Monroe, Barnes has the potential to turn into a stud playing the 3.  He's 6'8", can create his own shot, and is known for his work ethic and high character.

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As far as the Playoffs go, I'm still sticking with Bulls Vs. Thunder in the Finals.  Derrick Rose has been injured for what seems like the entire season, but time on the bench during the regular season isn't the worst thing.  Especially when you consider that Chicago has continued to rack up the wins.  The Thunder are the best in the west, and unless a veteran team gets hot at the right time, they seem like a lock.  And just because I'll never pass up an opportunity to bash LeBron, do not pick the Heat to win it all.  They've been exposed as a shallow team, that can't play half court ball, and are awful on the road.  I've got them as the 4th best team in the league, behind the Bulls, the Thunder, and the Spurs.




WNBA: Yes It Still Exists And They Had Their Draft

This tall chick got picked first.  She'll be paid 8 dollars an hour, the team is giving her a 1998 Grand Am, and every month, she will receive 50 bucks worth of food vouchers, redeemable only at the arena concession stands. Also, check out the old white dude with his hand on her ass. Old white dudes are creeps.