Rocking out on a stage swathed with flashing stage lights in the middle of the night is a little tricky. Just ask Theory of a Deadman lead vocalist Tyler Connolly. During Connolly’s performance at Michigan's Common Ground Music Festival Friday (Jul 15), the singer accidentally fell off the stage, drawing gasps and then silence from the crowd. Thankfully, he's okay.

Common Ground’s stage included a cat walk, which Connolly was strolling down when he apparently didn’t see the edge and tumbled off the side. After the fall, the band stopped playing, the lights went down and the band and security rushed to Connolly’s side to make sure he was okay. Connolly slowly crawled back onstage and started singing again, finishing up the set and making a comment that he wasn’t feeling well, and perhaps that’s why he fell. (I chatted with Theory of a Deadman guitarist Dave Brenner earlier in the day, and he mentioned the band had to cancel the previous night’s show because Connolly had food poisoning.)

After plugging back into his set, Connolly said that in 10 years, he’s never fallen off the stage. “It’s dark up here!” he exclaimed.

Major props to Connolly for continuing right through to the show’s encore of, ‘Bad Girlfirend.’ Even after that accident, Connolly and the band sounded killer.

Watch Theory of a Deadman Singer Tyler Connolly Fall Off the Stage at Common Ground