Twins are kind of creepy from the get go, but when they murder their mother and leave her rotting in the house they live in, they get really creepy.  Twin 49 year olds from Texas are being charged for just that.

This is a seriously effed up story.  Twin brothers, Edward and Edwin Berndt, are in court facing murder charges, accused of murdering their mother and letting her rot for over three months.  According to the brothers, their mother was bitching at them about watching football and fell down the steps.  She was alert and speaking after the fall, but the twins didn't take her to the hospital or even move her out the foyer.  She laid there until she died, and then she laid there for another 3 months.  The brothers just stepped over her until police searched the house after neighbors called about the smell and the missing woman. Edward and Edwin reportedly didn't have the money to get her medical help or bury her.