Twitter is both the best and worst thing ever.  And that's why so many people don't understand it and fear it.  But it's here to stay and one of the funniest accounts to follow is DadBoner, a man who calls Grand Blanc home.

So DadBoner isn't real, like most things on the internet.  But it is a hilarious account to follow on the site and the fictitious man behind the tweets, Karl Welzen, claims that Grand Blanc, Michigan is his home.  And not only is it funny, it's really successful, with almost 70,000 followers.  I have under 200.

It's not somebody actually in Grand Blanc, just a charector that is getting played as such.  DadBoner is known for his humorous tweets about his ex-wife, his constant drinking, and other stereotypical midlife crisis problems.

Different sites have speculated on the true identity of DadBoner and it's suspected that comedian Mike Burns is the real man behind DadBoner.  Burns is a Michigan native and Grand Blanc may have been chosen because of it's close proximity to Flint.


The DadBoner account lives a dream.  A dream where your best days are never behind you, and there is no such thing as too much to drink.  You can follow him here, and don't forget to follow us.  Hell even while you're at it, follow me,  Here's some of the best DadBoner tweets.