You don’t have to live near the U.S./Mexico border to hear stupid stories of how someone tried (and failed miserably) to smuggle drugs into the country. Everything from terracotta pots to footballs; even bibles have been used as props to conceal and mislead border protection agents (Oh & let’s not forget Cheech & Chong’s van that was actually made from weed). However, I think two women from the Bronx have an idea surpass’ them all.

I suppose if you’re going get caught smuggling drugs you might as well try to make or start a new a fashion trend while you’re doing it. Case in point Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale were caught trying to smuggle drugs into JFK airport wearing cocaine diapers. A search of Pena’s luggage after getting off her flight back from the Dominican Republic yielded nothing strange to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. However, the officer noticed she appeared to be look a bit nervous during questioning.

Pena was then given a pat-down and then consented to a strip-search where officials found her wearing the cocaine filled diaper. Pena then told officials she was traveling with Blassingale. The two women were carrying combined 6.5 kilos of cocaine.