There have been several attempts by fans to both initiate and prevent a reunion of the remaining members of Pantera with guest guitarists. The latest report claims that Vinnie Paul laughed at a recent attempt to get him on board.

The Metal Den is reporting that a source close to drummer Vinnie Paul says he was offered a "large sum of money" to participate in a one off reunion with the surviving members of Pantera. The event would've saw Vinnie Paul reunite with bassist Rex Brown and vocalist Phil Anselmo while guest guitarists would be in the place of Dimebag Darrell -- who was tragically murdered onstage in 2004.

There was a strong reaction to previous rumors that Zakk Wylde would fill in for the late Dimebag in a Pantera reunion, with a lot of fans coming out against the idea. Those fans will be happy to know that Vinnie Paul reportedly laughed the new offer "right off the table." Pantera fans will however be gifted with the band's only unreleased track 'Piss,' which was originally recorded for 'Vulgar Display of Power' and will appear on the upcoming reissue.

Vinnie Paul continues his work with members of Mudvayne and Nothingface in the band Hellyeah, who are set to release their third studio album 'Band of Brothers' this June.