Do you have what it takes? Are you the type of person that can keep up with Tony, Maggie, Chris, and Tree? From concerts to live events, research and dealing with the internets, Banana interns handle it all! If you've ever wanted to see the in's and out's of radio, this is your chance. As a member of the Banana 101.5 Intern Army, you will have responsibilities ranging from behind the scenes paperwork to helping out at live events, concerts, and broadcasts. You will have everyday tasks inside our studio building as well as on-the-road duties. So if you have what it takes to hang with the big boys, sign up below. Also, get to know the current army members as well.

  • Ethan Goodfellow

    Intern Army Rank: General

    Ethan, while still apart of the intern army, is also now a member of the Banana Air Staff. You can catch him some nights and on the weekend here at the Banana. Ethan is Chris Monroe's right hand man when it comes Banana live broadcasts and events.

  • Lance Truax

    Intern Army Rank: General (Reserves)

    Lance is one of the oldest members of the Banana intern army and he has done it all. Much like Ethan, you can catch Lance live on the air some nights throughout the week as well as weekends here on the Banana. After putting in his time, Lance still remains on the reserve list and makes his appearance at live events when extra muscle is needed.

  • Intern Craig

    Intern Army Rank: Captain

    A newer member of the intern army, Craig brings the muscle. It's only a matter of time before he has to save Monroe's ass for saying something stupid to the wrong person.

  • Intern Gerry

    Intern Army Rank: Sergeant

    Gerry has definitely become a solid member of the intern army. You can catch Gerry at most live events and broadcasts taking pictures for the Banana website.