Getting hit with paintballs was a hot topic of discussion this morning after the guys watched a video of five other (unlucky) guys getting pelted with 21,000 paintballs in order to raise awareness about child poverty. The video makes it clear before the action starts: each paintball represents one child in the world that dies due to poverty every day.

What better way to drive home that point than to fire each one of those children through a paintball gun at the highly bruiseable flesh of five white guys? As silly as the premise sounds, we have to admire the conviction and commitment to the cause.

Check out the stunt:

Free Beer then interviewed Andrew Jones, one of the peltees and co-founder of Poverty Resolutions, an organization dedicated to solving this worldwide problem. If you’re wondering, Andrew is the guy in the video who had on the foam hands, which apparently did nothing to protect them. ”For three days afterward, my hands were swollen,” said Andrew.

After Free Beer finished the interview with Andrew, the guys talked about Producer Joe’s Paintball Gauntlet stunt. ”As awful as Producer Joe’s paintball gauntlet was, this might be worse,” said Free Beer. But after some painful remembering, they thought it might be the other way around. Even though Joe wasn’t hit with nearly as many paintballs, he endured his barrage in the winter. According to Joe, he recalled all the paintballs feeling “like rocks.”

Joe is truly a man’s man for going through with this: