Minhee Cho of New York was surprised to read her name on a Papa Johns receipt after she picked up a pizza.  Instead of seeing "Cho" on the receipt, it read "Lady Chinky Eyes".  Not cool.  Ms. Cho tweeted a picture of the racist receipt and within a few hours it had been viewed more than 25 thousand times.

But who is to blame, Papa Johns as a whole or the douche bag employee that did it?

Papa Johns posted this statement on their facebook page,:

"We were extremely concerned to learn of the receipt issue in New York. This act goes against our company values, and we've confirmed with the franchisee that this matter was addressed immediately and that the employee is being terminated. We are truly sorry for this customer's experience."

I think PJ's was right to let the employee go.  There is no word right now if the victim will pursue further action against the pizza chain.

Papa Johns: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Start Kissing this Woman's Ass!