I am not a person that calls into work. Actually Chris Monroe doesn't really call in much either. Why would he when his normal work day consists of smoking and talking on his cell phone? One woman must have had a really busy day ahead of her at work, because she faked her own kidnapping to avoid going in.

Sheila Bailey Eubank, 48, was found by police tied up in her car. Eubank told authorities that a man held a knife to her and made her drive to different locations for drug deals. She went on to say the unidentified man assaulted her and left her tied up in the car.  Guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENED. This nut-job made up the whole story, even tied her own self up to avoid going to work. Watch the video to find out how she was caught. The pisser is, we don't know WTF she does for a living, or should I say DID do for a living?