Prisoners Save Jailers Life [VIDEO]
Usually prisoners are not to fond of their captor. Not the case for one jailer in Texas. A guard owes his life to some prisoners who escaped their holding cell to save his life after he had a heart attack.
Angry Texan Pulls Gun On Biker In Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]
Things always seem to be a little more crazy in Texas. While cruising down the highway, these bikers ended up pissing off these guys in the red truck. Without hesitation, the driver of the truck pulled a gun on one of the bikers. However, it didn't really seem to scare this biker at all.
New Batman Roller Coaster In Texas Looks Awesome [VIDEO]
I am a huge roller coaster fan! It seems like they continue to push the envelope on building these new thrill rides. If they aren't going for height records they come up with rides like this. Not only does the track flip you around, but your seat does too. I need to get to Texas asap!

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