Comedy Central's hilarious 'Workaholics' is set to launch its season 4 premiere in January 2013. We can't wait to find out what Blake, Ders and Adam will be getting into this year.

'Workaholics' is one of those shows that was easy to miss when it started, but there are no excuses if you haven't caught it by now. With all of the first season available on Netflix, you can at least get to know the characters, who partake in ridiculous adventures like a Juggalo festival and taking acid while camping overnight at work.

By description, the show sounds ridiculous. If someone had told us about the 'Temp-Tress' episode, where the guys fight over a hot new temp at their office and all venture to their vehicle in the parking lot to masturbate, we probably would pass. However, the latter was possibly one of the funniest television moments in recent memory.

The interactions of these flawed, booze and weed loving best friend/co-worker/roommates is really what makes the show stand out from the rest. One of last years' finest episodes had the guys realizing they were still drunk from the night before and had to walk to work before their boss, whom they had left angry voicemails for during their bender the night before, got there. Obviously their only choice was to keep drinking while on said quest to avoid getting hangovers.

If that sounds like the show for you, then strap in for season 4, which premieres on Comedy Central on January 16th. While not much info is out there regarding what goes down this year (we're hoping for a full blown Half-Christmas episode), there are a few teaser trailers for you to check out below.