Hour 1
Free Beer told us this morning that he was really out of it today. That is typically a recipe for disaster, so we kept a close eye on him all morning. Hot Wings gave us an update on having two kids this morning. Zane asked how much he’s currently spending a week on diapers so he could figure out how much he would spend over the next several years. The answer to this question was much more complicated than anyone could have imagined. We went over a list that told us how certain things affect property values. One of the things on the list was “sex offenders”. Hot Wings said he could relate because of the weirdo in his neighborhood, but it was like pulling teeth trying to get details out of him.

Hour 2
Zane recently unearthed a video of himself in 1991 giving a tour of the college radio station to his mom and stepdad. We played a few teaser clips from that early on the show this morning. We checked out the news story of the conjoined twins that were born in China recently. To us, it simply looked like one body with two heads, although they do not share every body part. Their prognosis isn’t so good. A criminal was injured while committing a crime and had to be taken to the hospital in handcuffs. While there, he managed to escape and booked it to a Home Depot and asked for help getting the handcuffs off. This reminded us of the banned Joe stunt from last year where he did the same thing. We lifted the banning and played it this morning.

Hour 3
An Olympic swimming hopeful had to be rescued on a beach recently. He spent the day digging a hole and when he jumped in, the sides collapsed and left him buried up to his neck. It took 60 people over 2 hours to rescue him! Based on this, we asked for listeners to call in and tell us how they had to be rescued. A swimming coach is in trouble after attempting to pull a couple of his female swimmers out of the pool by their hair. He accused them of not trying hard enough because they were losing the meet. We took a bunch of calls on this subject, asking listeners to tell us if they would press charges or not.

Hour 4
A woman in Nashville emailed us recently asking for advice in her relationship. Her man got pretty mad at her when he saw that she was outside talking to the neighbor and his brother. To us, it seemed like the guy was the problem, because there’s nothing wrong with talking to a neighbor. In the FBHW Report, we talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver’s separation, as well as the Israeli newspaper photoshopping Hillary Clinton out of the Situation Room photo because it was…too sexy? We closed the hour by getting our first glimpse of Eric Zane in 1991, giving a tour of the college radio station to his mother and stepdad. As expected, we didn’t come close to getting through the video.

Hour 5
We talked about a possible Joe stunt this morning, popcorn smash, that is based off of our favorite office game paper smash. While talking about this, we talked about the greatest paper smash moments ever including news guy Bruce and Free Beer becoming a big baby and spazzing out. While in the middle of some normal conversation late in the show today, Free Beer started coughing. Instead of just shutting his mic off or turning his head, he freaked out and left the studio so he could get a ‘lil cough drop. Everyone thought this was really odd and he was mocked quite a bit for it. We closed the show by playing the second half of Eric Zane’s home movies from 1991. Do yourself a favor and check that video out in Show Videos. Talk to you tomorrow