In preparation for Banana 101.5's Crop-tober promotion, we thought we begin by schooling you on the best coffeeshops to visit in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, a coffeeshop (one word in Dutch) is a place where you can purchase cannabis in small quantities for public use -- they also serve food and drinks, which is probably a good thing to cure a few of the 'side effects' of the cannabis.

We have scoured the internet to find the best coffeeshops to visit, hopefully you can be the lucky one and win a trip on us! Take a look at the list after the jump.

  • Grey Area

    Grey Area was originally open by a couple of American 'stoners,' it has been open for more than a decade and is still going strong. Catering more towards the American tourist, this punk stoner paradise has a great vibe with some tasty buds. The walls are covered with old punk band stickers, you are bound to hear some Ramones and Descendants here.

    Grey Area has won 27 awards for their weed over the years, making it a favorite place among celebrities -- you'll see pictures of some of the famous tokers like: Willie Nelson, Phish, Flavor Flav, Dave Attell, 311, Deftones, Woody Harrelson and many more.

    Stop in and try what they have to offer, just don't forget how to get back to your hotel.

    Grey Area Website
  • De Dampkring

    De Dampkring is one of the best know tourist stops for coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This coffeeshop has a laid-back vibe with trippy decor, there's dark mahagony carvings, indian statues, gold trim, mellow music and a color changing mushroom lamp in the middle of the room.

    Check out their 'orange bud' which won 4 out of 6 Cannabis Cup finals in 1998.

    Paul Tarjan, Flickr
  • Popeye's

    Popeye's is said to be a 'friendly' place with some decent bud. The owner -- who coined himself Popeye -- or one of his employees will greet you at the door and offer you a hit off of their own pipe while you make a choice of your own.

    Everything being said about this coffeeshop is that you must make a visit -- even a short one -- just to meet Popeye himself. Hell, while your there you might as well try some of his 'coffee'!

    Coffeshop Popeye's Facebook
  • Bluebird

    If you're not a big smoker but still want to hangout in a coffeeshop, then Bluebird is the place for you. On the ground floor you'll find a knowledgeable staff that will give novice smokers a little help. The upstairs is full of comfy couches to enjoy your purchases -- there is also a weed-free, alcohol-free drink area to enjoy as well.

    BTW - if you're not a fan of techno music, you may not like hanging out in this place.

    Bluebird Coffeeshop
  • Abraxas

    Abraxas is hidden in a tiny alley near the Dam Center (center of town) and it has three floors of wood-paneled spaces for you to hangout in. On the top floor there is a window into a small grow-room where you can see live pot plants on display.

    While you're on the 3rd floor look for the spot where you can see through the glass floor down to the entry level.

    Abraxas Website
  • The Grasshopper

    The Grasshopper is a one-stop shop -- you get a restaurant, a bar and a coffeeshop here. If you're looking for a quaint place to smoke some of the 'goods' you purchased, head downstairs where you can smoke whatever is smokeable (Europe doesn't allow smoking in buildings unless they have a separate area for smokers.)

    The Grasshopper is a small coffeeshop with the table lined next to one another -- you can make new friends or share and sample each other's purchases.

    If you're looking for a bigger coffeeshop tryout the Grasshopper 2.


    Yvo G., Flickr
  • De Rokerij

    De Rokerij is best known for its ambience, but they carry some great products as well. The decor has a mystical ambiance, one long room with dark lights and darker walls with tribal designs for you to stare at all day.

    You're not allowed to smoke tobacco products, but they do offer an herbal substitute if you'd like.

    De Rokerij has four locations to choose from, to get the full experience you should probably visit one of the other De Rokerij coffeeshops because each one is a bit different from the other.

    rebuffering, Flickr
  • The Greenhouse Effect

    The Greenhouse Effect is a great choice to stop at while visiting different coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The Greenhouse Effect has some great smoke and boasts a hotel, bar and coffeeshop in one stop!

    If you're into modern drum and bass, reggae, dance, funk and rare grooves with electronic music -- the Greenhouse Effect has nightly DJs to entertain and keep you moving.

    The Greenhouse Effect
  • Barney's

    Barney's has a friendly staff that will help you with your purchases and if you are having trouble with their smoking apparatuses -- they have a volcano vaporizers at each table.

    Barney's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner -- don't expect the best food, but you may have a case of the munchies and anything would help with that.

    Barney's is also home to many winning strains at the Cannabis Cup:

    • Sweet Tooth - 2001
    •  Morning Glory - 2002
    • Amnesia Haze - 2004 (This is said to be a killer strain)
    • Juicy Mango Haze - 2005
    • G-13 Haze - 2007
    • Tangerine Dream - 2010
    Tracy Vierra, Flickr
  • Green House

    The Green House has three different locations, the flagship is located in the Red Light District -- you can get your smoke on and visit one of the ladies in the Red Light District if you're into that.

    The Green House has great drink prices, so those traveling on a budget won't have to worry about going broke here. As for their products, try some of their award winning strains -- White Widow, Arjan's Ultra Haze #1, Hawaiian Snow and Super Silver Haze.

    They play an assortment of music from classic rock to hip hop and the décor is dark and relaxing. They even have a few coves in the wall to relax in.

    Green House Website