I have heard from almost every girl with giant tatas complain about how heavy they are to carry around -- after finding these bras on Etsy, it has me wondering why anyone would wear these heavy-metal bras.

Actually most girls complain about wearing a bra in the first place, they say they are too uncomfortable -- again, why would any chick want to wear a bra made out of metal?

Here are 10 examples of "heavy-metal bras" that I would like to see wandering the streets. Take a look after the jump.

  • Chainmaille Bra

    Too bad this bra isn't shown on a real model -- that would have made finding this metal bra even better. I don't know where or why a chick would wear this, but I want to be there to see it for myself.

    venusinchains, Etsy
  • Metal Scales

    Like I said women with big breasts complain about their weight, let's add another 5 to 6 pounds of metal to them and see if they complain even more. Sure you'll most likely see someone wearing these at your local Renaissance festival -- this will definitely protect your fair maiden from a 'sword' attack.

    MetalArtisan, Etsy
  • Metal Cup Zebra Etched Bra

    Here's a nice zebra striped etched metal bra -- I wonder when you would wear a bra like this? Would you wear it in the summer or winter -- sweaty boobs or THOs? Ladies what would you prefer?

    brooksbot75, Etsy
  • Heavy Metal Art Bra

    Let's wear our art on our chests! Well at least that's the case with this bra. Now don't get me wrong, I would love to see this walking down the street -- you would only have to imagine what the rest looks like a little bit.

    brooksbot75, Etsy
  • The Goddess Bra

    This bra cracked me up -- looks like two bowls held together by a couple midget Indians with wings. I know that's not the intention, but this is a really peculiar looking bra.

    bcyrjewelry, Etsy
  • Butterfly Bra

    Nothing shows off your sweater puppies like a butterfly does. There is some handy work going into these bras -- my hat is off to artist -- while women's shirts are coming off just to get into one!

    brooksbot75, Etsy
  • Winter Goddess Bra

    If you like going to Renaissance festivals then this bra is for you. Actually, I think I saw a few maidens wear these at the Michigan Renaissance Festival this year -- I only attended the festival for the beer and scantly dressed maidens.

    organicarmor, Etsy
  • Lightening Bra

    The lightening bra is a bit "shocking" -- you can almost get a glimpse of the left nip if you look closely enough. In my opinion I think this is actually a pair of pasties held together by a leather string. Whatever you want to call it, I think this should be worn everywhere.

    brooksbot75, Etsy
  • Colored Chainmaille Bra

    A mighty damsel wearing this bra can defend off attacks from unwanted groping. She fear not the sword or the arrow -- just the drunken town idiot trying to cop a feel. Ride on fair maiden, ride on!

    Hightower73, Etsy
  • Ultimate Heavy Metal Bra

    Nothing says you're a bad ass bitch than this 'gator etched' heavy metal bra. Wearing this bra says you have nothing to fear -- except falling in the water -- you're most likely going to sink to the bottom wearing this much metal. Either way you'll look good doing it.

    brooksbot75, Etsy