I'll just start by saying this is horrible all the way around and our hearts go out to the boy's family as well as the deputy involved.

According to Fox17, an 11-year-old boy was killed Tuesday night around 9:30 in Battle Creek after being hit by a deputy's cruiser while responding to reports of a burglary in progress.

The boy was riding on a motorized bike (pocket bike) which is not made for the road and he didn't have any lights. Apparently, the officer was responding to the burglary call without his lights and sirens on. So both of those factors had to have played a major role in the accident.

It's so heartbreaking to think this boy's life was lost and his parents have to live the rest of their lives without him. Same goes for the officer who will have to live with the guilt of accidentally killing an 11-year-old child.

More details of the accident can be heard in the press conference video above.


Source: Fox17