If you are looking to get a little sand and sun this weekend, make sure the beach is open.

Even though we might see a little bit of rain this weekend, that won't stop most people when they want to hit the beaches here in Michigan. We only have a limited time to enjoy the summer heat because before we know it, fall will be here.

For those planning on trying to relax on the beach this weekend, be sure to check the list below to see if your favorite beach is open or not.

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Michigan beaches with closures or contamination advisories (as of 7/9/21)

  • Park Lake - Bath Township Park Lake Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Crooked Lake - Independence Oaks County Park - Closed
  • Ross Lake - Beaverton City Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Saginaw Bay-Lake Huron - South Linwood Beach Township Park - Closed
  • Kiwassee Lake - Stratford Woods Park Beach - Closed
  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads for Youth - Closed
  • Pontiac Lake - Pontiac Recreation Area - Closed
  • Cass Lake - Willow Beach Street (Keego Harbor) - Closed
  • Walnut Lake - Bloomfield Square Beach Association - Closed
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Grand Traverse Bay-East - Traverse City State Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Grand Traverse Bay-West - Sunset Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Grand Traverse Bay-West - Senior Center - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake Superior - Marquette South Beach - Closed

To keep up to date on all the closures and contamination advisories for the beaches in Michigan, click here to check out the Michigan BeachGuard System. It not only has all the closure information, but also a complete list of 1,224 public beaches and 572 private beaches throughout the state.

Source: Michigan BeachGuard System

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