There is more to Michigan than just camping and boating.

The great state of Michigan has so many things to do to keep a person busy. Many of the past times that come to mind include boating, camping, hunting, fishing, and so on. However, Michigan has a lot more to offer if you want to chase an adrenaline rush.

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When most people think about activities like hang gliding, cliff diving, and whitewater rafting, they don't immediately think of Michigan. Well, hopefully, this will change your mind. Michigan offers all of those things and more.

The trick is getting out of your normal train of thought when it comes to things to do in Michigan. How many times can you go camping or tubing before it starts to get boring? Next time, dig a little deeper and try something that will get your heart racing.

For me, this list is going to serve as a new bucket list for my time off throughout the year. I've always wanted to go whitewater rafting, but just assumed that I would have to fly out to another state. I didn't know you can find rafting trips in northern Michigan. Hang gliding is another activity that has had me thinking the same thing.

Check out the list below of 15 activities that you can try throughout Michigan that will give you that spike of adrenaline. If you see one you like, click the picture and it will help you get started. There are places all over the state that will have you pumped up in no time.

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