I don't know what was in the water last week but we had two marriage proposals go down at two separate Banana 101.5 events. Every once in a while it happens but never twice in one week

The first proposal happened during the Banana Bad Bowlers League last Wednesday (10/2). As a matter of fact, it was with the team I was bowling against. We knew in advance so we kinda set the whole thing up during a contest where you had to bowl backwards all while being blindfolded. As soon as she took the blindfold off, her future husband was standing right there ready to pop the question.

The second one took place at our 25th-anniversary bash during the Pop Evil Meet n' Greet at the Capitol Theatre and it was a surprise to everyone. Since we were clueless, it was a bit challenging to catch it on video but we got part of it. After she said yes, the room erupted along with members of the band.

I think it's really cool that we were able to be a part of these special moments for both couples. Congrats!